We have three regular species of dolphin here in Gibraltar and they are all 100% wild and free.  We do not support the captivity of dolphins or Orcas.

Common dolphins

commondolphin jumpingThis is the dolphin that we see most often. Although called the Common dolphin, this species is far from it. They have amazing markings, with a dark brown back and dorsal fin which goes down to a point on each side with a pale yellow patch at the front in the shape of an hour glass.

They can grow up to 2.5 meters in length, weigh between 80 and 150 kilos, they are naturally curious and very friendly often swimming up close to our boat to get a better look at the passengers.

Striped dolphins

striped dolphin   striped dolphin2  Very different markings on the Striped dolphin, in two tone grey with go faster stripes sweeping down either side.  You can see the dolphins blow hole on top of their head in the photos above.  All dolphins breath air as we do, but through their blow hole.  Striped dolphins grow to the same size as Commons.

These guys are not as laid back as the Common dolphins but they too are very friendly and curious.  Exuberant and playful the Striped dolphin frequently enjoys aquatics, leaping, jumping and surfing.

 Bottlenose dolphins

The largest of the three regular species the Bottlenose is twice the size of the common and striped and often we find that the two smaller species make themselves scarce when the bottlenose are around, although we are not entirely sure why.  It may be that the bigger dolphins bully the little ones, or it may be that the bottlenose round up larger fish and disturb the pattern of the prey of the smaller dolphins.bottlenose


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