Dolphin Safari Gibraltar FAQ

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1.  Will I really see dolphins?

The short answer is yes.  There are two months of the year when we have a few trips without seeing dolphins, these are in March and April.  Having said that our success rate in the rest of the year is pretty much 100% success and in March and April our success rate drops to about 70% success rate and that is where our 1% of not seeing dolphins.

2.  How do we find them?

The secrets of the success of Dolphin Safari have been passed down from the founding owner to the current owner Tim.  Tim has trained his crew and explained how to spot for signs in the sea of dolphin presence up to 3 miles away.  We very rarely see a dolphin at a distance, but we see what we are looking for and that’s all we can tell you as it is a company secret.

3.  Will I see whales?

No, not really.  We see whales only 4% of the time on our trips.  Whales are much larger than dolphins and have much larger lungs, therefore they can hold their breath for over an hour sometimes, whilst travelling at tremendous speed and no-one knows where they will come up.  Unlike the smaller dolphin cousins who can hold their breath for sometimes up to 20 minutes, they live more on the surface.

4.  How long are the trips?

The trips are between one and one and a half hours depending on how far the dolphins are.  Sometimes in the winter months or spring the trips can be as long as 2 hours because we are determined to protect our high success rate for finding them and we don’t want you to go home disappointed.

5.   What happens if I don’t see any dolphins?

We offer a free ticket to come again.  This ticket is valid for one year from the date you sailed with us.  So if you are staying in Gibraltar for a few days in the spring, then it is better to do your trip early on because if you have an unlucky trip then you can sail again with us before you fly back home.  If you leave it till the last day of your holiday then you won’t have the time.

6.  What are the sea conditions like in Gibraltar?

They vary as with everywhere, but 70% of the year the sea is flat and the sun is shining.  What we don’t want for a dolphin trip is lots of wind.  The wind makes the sea rough and not only more uncomfortable for you but harder to find the dolphins.  Sometimes when the sky is overcast and there is no wind people think it is a bad day to see them, but the no wind makes it ideal even if the sun is not shining.  A lot of people don’t want to book on an overcast still day but prefer to come on a sunny windy day, this is a fatal mistake as the sun does not make the sea calm.

7.  Where do we look for the dolphins?

We search the Bay of Gibraltar and if the dolphins are not there then we go to the Strait.  The majority of the year the dolphins are in the Bay, but sometimes they are in the Strait.

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